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Northern Suburbs Netball Incorporated

Northern Suburbs Netball is a Junior Satellite of Netball Wellington Centre.

We are comprised of 19 Primary and Intermediate Schools within the Northern Suburbs, providing students (from year 1 through to year 8 inclusive) with the opportunity to participate in Netball.

The majority of games are played at Newlands College, with the remainder played at Newlands Intermediate.

2020 Season Fixtures

The draw for the years 5-8 competition round has now been finalised and can be found here.

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Year 1 and 2 Registration

Registration for the year 1 and 2 programme have now closed.


What are the Level 2 COVID-19 guidelines that will apply to the 2020 NSN competition?

  • If you are unwell you must stay home - no excuses! No one should be participating (or leaving home) if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, awaiting test results, or if required to self-isolate. 
  • NSN will be displaying QR codes for the NZ COVID Tracer app. Please use the QR code when arriving at the courts.
  • Please use the sanitiser available on entry and exit of our venues.
  • There will be no public parking available on school grounds, including the Newlands Intermediate school grounds.
  • Teams are to warm up in the warm up areas (Basketball court for Intermediate courts, College Quad for College courts). Parents please move away from the warm up and maintain physical distancing requirements. (1 metre from people you know, 2 metres from people you do not know).
  • You can enter the court are 10 mins before your game time (and once the previous teams have vacated the courts). Please use the correct entry and exit gates at the college courts.
  • The Newlands Intermediate basketball court area will be closed off and will be used as awarmup area. This will also provide some more space for spectators should they wish to maintain some social distancing. 
  • To ensure we adhere to gathering size requirements (100 people per 2 courts), only 1 spectator per player allowed at the courts.
  • Team managers please keep a contact tracing record of all players, team management, umpire, spectators for each game and ensure this is handed to your school delegate each week. This is in addition to scanning in with the QR code. Please note game time, opposition, and court number so we can easily trace people if required. The contact tracing records needs to be submitted to your school delegate by 5pm every Monday.
  • Teams are to sanitise all balls, and only the match ball can be out of bags in the court area. Equipment should be sanitised before and after each game and practice.
  • Year 3 and 4 teams are required to provide their own bibs and ball. Please contact Amanda if you have any issues with this.
  • Score keepers (there should always be one designated person per team standing together) – please provide your own pen/pencil.
  • Spectators – please only stand in the designated areas and ensure physical distancing of 1 or 2 metres as required. Can team managers please assist the committee to ensure this happens.

Spectator Area Maps


Pool Umpires 

If you would like to register to be a pool umpire this year, please follow this link and fill in the form. Pool umpires are paid $10 per game by the team they umpire for.


NSN cancellation policy

Click here to download the updated policy 2018-08 NSN cancellation policy

Updated Handbook for 2018

Here's a great read which answers many basic questions and a few of those things you are just not sure about. You might even learn something completely new too. Thanks to all the committee members who have helped updated it. Click on 'Handbook 2018' below to see the PDF.

 2018 Handook - updated July

Queries . . .

If you have a query your first contact is your school delegate. Emails received from parents/members will be referred back to your delegate.

If you need to contact our chair or secretary please do so vie email : Chair or Secretary .


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