Season Dates

The final game of the season will be 18th September

For the weekend of 18th September

Our COVID Level 2 policy is in place. This means:

No spectators allowed at the courts this weekend - unless your manager/coach have made other arrangements, drop your player at the designated warmup area, and leave the intermediate/college grounds until it is time to pick them up again. Pickup will be from the warmup area only - please do not go near the playing courts. The ONLY exceptions to this are the team Manager, Coach, and umpire.

Please sign in using the COVID app if you drop your child off at the court. If you are not coming onto school grounds, you may want to make a manual diary entry for tracking purposes.

The coffee cart and the BBQ will be unavailable.

COVID Lockdown Policy

Northern Suburbs Netball (NSN) Committee has agreed that at COVID-19 Level 3 or Level 4 there will be no games played in the NSN competition. If Wellington is at Level 2, a non spectators' policy will be enforced by NSN and games will be shortened to maintain the scheduled start times. Each team will be allowed one coach, one manager, and one umpire on the courts - unless explicitly previously agreed by the NSN executive committee. Parents and Caregivers are asked to drop off their child(ren) to the warmup area and collect again after the game. It would be helpful if team members could coordinate the drop-off and collection points for a team. For full details, please see the COVID-19 Guidelines page.