futureFERNS netball for years 1 and 2


 Term 3 2021

4 groups of 50 mins for 8 weeks

Sundays 11-2pm



Played indoors at Queen Margaret College Gym 

53 Hobson Street, Thorndon



Contact Yvonne Hill



Year 1 and 2

futureFERNs Programme

The focus for this age group is on exploring Netball and the development of fundamental movement and ball skills. The 50 minute session will include skill development followed by a game.

Our Star Helpers are essential for us to run a successful programme & all children participating must have an adult responsible for them stay for the duration of the session. So why not join in and become a Star Helper?

More information about the programme can be found at https://www.futureferns.co.nz



Registration for the year 1 and 2 programme has now closed.


Session Details

The assigned sessions for the 2021 programme will be emailed to all participants before the 28th of July. If you have not received information by this date, please contact Yvonne at year1and2@nsnetball.co.nz.


Key Dates

Registrations for the season open 23rd June and close on 7rd July 2021.

Star Helper Training:  Sunday 25th July 2021 12:30-2pm at Queen Margaret College Gym, 53 Hobson Street, Thorndon.

Programme: 8 weeks from 1st August 2021 at Queen Margaret College Gym, 53 Hobson Street, Thorndon


Programme Format

Sessions run for 50 minutes made up of 30 minutes of skills followed by a 20 minute game

The focus of the programme is to teach children fundamental movement and basic netball skills through fun games and activities. The 4v4 game format allows all players to pass, catch and shoot from the first session

Sessions are designed that if a child misses a session they will still be able to participate in following weeks

The adult responsible for a participant must stay for the duration of the session 

A participant will be given a session time at the start of the programme which will then be their session time every week for the duration of the programme

Generally no more than 5 children from the same age group and same school will participate in the same session time together. If a child needs a particular time or to be with a particular group of children please detail this in the note section on the registration form

Note we do not register participants into 'teams' and encourage children to play with different children each week

All equipment is provided


Star Helpers

Star Helpers are essential for us to deliver a quality programme. Becoming a Star Helper is a great way for parents and guardians to become involved in their children's sport and be introduced to fundamental skills used in netball and other sports.

For every 4 children that register from a school, we ask that there be at least 1 Star Helper volunteer.

To be a Star Helper parents/guardians must attend the clinic on the 25th July 12:30-2pm and may bring their children if they need to.

Star Helpers only attend the session that their child attends and there is no requirement for them to attend every session.

Star Helpers do not need any netball qualifications, experience, or knowledge.

People that have done Star Helper training for the Year 3 & 4 programme are eligible to become Year 1 & 2 Star Helpers and may attend the clinic if they wish.


Registration Process

The information collected for registration is first name, last name, home phone or mobile, email address, parent/guardian name, any medical issues, notes about the registration and whether the parent/guardian is interested in becoming a Star Helper. This information will only be used by Northern Suburbs Netball to run the programme.

The cost of the programme is $40 per participant, which will be invoiced to your child school.

The last day for cancelling out of the programme and still receiving a refund is 2nd August 2021.

This programme is limited to the first 120 registered participants. 

For a PDF version of the information for the 2021 programme, please click on the link below

2021 Year 1 and 2 Programme Details

To download the flyer for the 2021 year programme, click on the link below

2021 Year 1 and 2 Flyer


Click here to download the Year 1 and 2 game information brochure.


Click here to download the Year 1 and 2 rules.


Weekly Skill development Sessions

Here is the list of activities for each session. Click on each activity to see an example of it on Youtube.

Week 1 : Balance

Tiger tiger

The orchard

Weave ball


Week 2 : Ball skills - passing

Target ball

Passing challenge


Week 3 :Ball skills - catching


Wicked Witch


Week 4: Shooting

Shots up

Shooting relay


Week 5: Dodging




Week 6: Pivoting

Spider squash

Ball tag


Week 7: Jumping

River jump

High tide / low tide


Week 8: Take-off

Rats and Rabbits

Dodge and collect