Northern Suburbs Netball Incorporated - General Information

Welcome to the Northern Suburbs Netball Umpires Page


It is the teams responsibility to find their own umpires. The committee cannot find last minute replacements. 


Please contact the Umpire Coordinator for course details.

Kiwi Whistler

Target Age Year 8 - 2017 programme enrolment is now open and will close 5pm Friday 10th March.  Spaces are limited to 12 for the programme.  Enrolment form 2017 Kiwi Whistler Enrolment Form

Adult Kiwi Whistler Courses

Target Age Year 9 upwards


Spectators please note that the Kiwi Whistlers are supported by

Mentors, Kiwi Whistlers Co-ordinator, Umpire Co-ordinator

Under no circumstances are spectators permitted to communicate with the umpires.

Umpire Books

Introduction to Netball Umpiring books can be purchased at the College Courts (by the First Aid Person) for $7.00 each.


There have been some changes to the International Rules of Netball.

General Enquiries 

For Umpire information please send email to

For Kiwi Whistler information/enquiries, please email Amanda Pritchard - 

Umpire Tips

FINGERNAILS - Check fingernails palms facing you with finger straight. Run your hand over the nails. If you feel the slightest of nail then it is too long.

EARRINGS - Earrings must be removed , taping earrings is not permitted.

BRACELETS - The only bracelet that can be worn on the court is a "Medical Alert" bracelet and it must be tapped up.

Please remember that the purpose of these rules is for the "PLAYERS SAFETY" not because the "UMPIRES" like sending people off the courts.


If you need an umpire please contact there maybe an umpire available to help.


If you are an umpire and would like to be added to the umpires list please email your details to


The Committee

Welcome from the Umpiring Sub Committee . . .

Umpires are part of the Saturday Netball Competition, with games made possible by the hard work and dedication of these people.

All officials, teams and spectators are reminded to respect all umpires and their decisions

Umpire Coordinator: Vacant

Kiwi Whistlers coordinator:  Amanda Pritchard

Duty Umpire: Edna Kaiaruna

Chairperson: Kelly Herbert

Umpire Duty

Draw Modifications

Umpires please note that Draws are subject to change, please check the draw on the Friday night to see any modifications


Umpires please ensure you are at the Courts at least 15 minutes before your game.

Duty Umpire/Acting Duty Umpire Responsibilities

Each week qualified umpires will be available at the Courts

They are there to:

support all umpires 

observe umpiring standards

offer assistance

encourage/mentor umpires

promote and maintain a safe environment

The Duty Umpire/Acting Duty Umpire is identifiable by a yellow vest.