Year 3 and 4

Year 3-4 games are played at Newlands College over terms 2 and 3 from around 1-4:30pm (depending on the number of teams registered). Registrations will open on the 1st April 2019


The focus for this age group is learning basic skills in a modified game of 5 v 5, using two thirds of a netball court. Mother Earth Future Ferns Year 3 and 4 is designed to be fast and fun, maximising participating and touches of the ball. With modified equipment and less players on the court, in 5 v 5 the game is less complicated. Five players in each team and rotating positions ensures everyone gets an equal chance to develop their skills.



All teams are required to have a coach (or star helper) that completes the appropriate training/s as set out by Northern Suburbs Netball committee.


If you have any questions please contact


Click here to download the Year 3 and 4 game information brochure.


click here to download the Year 3 and 4 rules.




Weekly Skill development Sessions


Here is the list of activities for each session. Underlined words are clickable and take you to an example of it on Youtube.


Week 1 : Balance

In the river, on the bank

In the orchard

Outside Leg


Week 2 : Ball skills


 Order Ball

Skrink and grow


Week 3 : Shooting

Square Up

Shooting Relay

Shoting Rhythm


Week 4: Pivoting

Pivot Tag

Line race

Pivot Ball


Week 5: Dodging

Knee Tag and dodge protect

Dodge and collect



Week 6: Defence

Shake the Shadow




Week 7: Shooting



Numbers Netball


Week 8: Ball skills

Pass and go

Square Pass

Variety Ball


Week 9: Take-off

Rats and rabbits

First there

Foot forward first and stop


Week 10: Tournament