Welcome from the 2019 Committee . . .

The Committee is made up of volunteers and representatives from all 19 participating schools. The Saturday netball competition is only made possible by the hard work and dedication of these people.

life members  

The following people are our life members:  

Lena Meinders, Margaret Lavery, Linda Robinson, Lynnda Bouzaid, Beth Huntington, Neil Hargreaves, Helen Limacher

service award holders

The following list of people are those who hold a Service Award:  

Brenda Ng, Lei Brockie, Pauline Mildenhall, Atareta Edwards, Kerryn Greaves, Kelly Herbert, Yvonne Hill 


A list of current committee members and school delegates can be downloaded from the link below

2019 Committee and Delegates

the committee

Executive Officers

Chairperson: Ann Hay

Vice Chair: Kim Myhill 


Committee Roles

Year 1&2 Coordinator: Yvonne Hill

Year 3&4 Coordinator: Amanda Prowse

Year 7&8 Programme Coordinator: Julie Green, Tanya To'oala 

Coach Development Facilitator: Victoria McQuillan

Umpire Development: Deborah Donkin

Kiwi Whistler Coordinator: Marohette De Klerk

Pool Umpire Coordinator: Deborah Donkin, Tanya Edgar

Draw Committee: Lena Meinders, Sandra Yeldon

Score Cards: Lena Meinders, Ali Sprott

BBQ Roster: Blair Elliot 

Complaints Sub-Committee: Sally Jobson, Louise Marlow, Ann Hay

Facebook Coordinator: Tanya Edgar 




Treasurer: Maliska Jelliman

Secretary: Naima Lafoa'i



Cancellations Sub-Committee: Lena Meinders, Sandra Yeldon, Naima Lafoa'i

First Aid and Time Keeper Coordinator: Kim Myhill

Service & Life Member Sub-Committee: Lena Meinders, Beth Huntington, Di Patchett

Duty Umpire: Edna Kaiaruna

Prize-giving Coordinators: Jackie McCully, Julie Green

Health and Safety Coordinator: Rebecca Jackson 

Coach Development: Fiona Murphy, Sharon Lundy


school co-ordinators

The following are the 2019 School Coordinators:

Amesbury: Georgia Poole, Bina Chauhan

Bellevue: Sally Jobson

Cashmere Avenue: Blair Elliot, Deb Cunningham

Crofton Downs: Jennie Paine, Stacey Campbell

Churton Park: Di Patchett

Johnsonville: Jo Wilson, Andrea Geluk, Beks Henderson

Khandallah: Amy Turner, Emily Christians

Newlands School: Sally Chamley, Emma Blake

Ngaio: Ann Hay, Sophia Gowans, Emily Pettigrew

Newlands College: Edna Kaiaruna 

Newlands Int.: Lena Meinders, Sandra Yeldon, Di McKenzie

Paparangi: Alisha Sprott, Tanya To’oala, Selu Taufa

QMC: Frances Solia

Raroa Int: Kim Myhill, Jackie McCully

Redwood: Mark Kyne

Rewa Rewa: 

St Benedicts: Sharon Lundy, Fiona Murphy, Coralie Wilkinson, Viv Collier

St Brigids: Linda Birch, Erin Brennan, Amanda Prowse, Victoria McQuillan

Tawa Intermediate: Louise Marlow 

Thorndon: Beth Huntington

West Park: Barry Clarke, Alisha Mullen